DINA Digest: What’s happening this week at our place! 12/11

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Welcome to DINA Digest, a round-up of all the events going on here throughout the week into one package.

It’s a pretty damn busy one this week as we’re showcasing brand new poetry, debuting fresh theatre, welcoming back an old favourite and much more… read on and you’ll find out!

First up we’ve got to say a big thank you to all who came down to the launch of Rob Hindle’s latest collection “The Grail Roads” on Sunday night, in the packed out Jara Room upstairs.

We are delighted to herald more new poetry this week on Tuesday November 13 at 7pm, with the debut of doom-pop-poet Suzannah Evans and her dark humoured apocalyptic anthology, ‘Near Future.’

Described as a journey through sci-fi lullabies and northern mysteries, Suzannah’s work brings a distinctive, skilful and wonderfully peculiar roving eye to our restless and unpredictable times. The night will also feature performances from poets Helen Mort and Roy Marshall, and live music as we are graced with the eccentric-pop presence of Tsarzi.

For more information on the evening, take a look here.

The following day on Wednesday November 14 we welcome the first performances in a two-night run of the play “Tannie and Tannie.”

“Tannie and Tannie are leaving. Escaping the damned earthquakes and the water that bursts into flame. The cantankerous aunties will leave their home – a place once strong and flat and stable – and embark on a journey – like their ancestors did before them. Before they go, there’s just time for a story or two about ghosts and gods and the bleddy British, then, off they’ll go on their trek. But not every trek can be a Great Trek.”

The shows on Wednesday and Thursday open their doors at 7.30pm. For more information and ticketing check out the Facebook event page here.

So, what of our good friends in our sister venue, The Cellar Theatre? They’ve got a fair bit on as well it has to be said, and it’s great to see that Verbal Gerbil making a very welcome return.

In their words… “This is a colourful bright literary night that’s all about putting the fun back in live literature. It’s not your dull chin stroker style evening, or a nod of your intellectual brilliance, it’s just a good old fashioned fun packed frolic of words.”

Hosted by our very own Stan Skinny, the night begins on Tuesday 13 November at 8pm, and or full line-up and ticketing (tickets are £3 plus 20p booking fee), please visit the Facebook event page here.

On Thursday November 15 at 7.30pm, The Cellar Theatre plays host to a much awaited performance of a play completely improvised from audience suggestion.

Between Us is described as a bittersweet play about one couple’s relationship, unusual on the improvisation scene because it is drama, not comedy. It has played to audiences in Birmingham, Brighton, Buxton and London, but is finally coming home to Sheffield, and promises to be a truly unique theatre experience. For more information on this performance visit the Facebook event page here.

Also at The Cellar Theatre, “Help Me Find A Way Out,” an exhibition of the work of Barbara Brookes who has used the power of drawing to help her improve her life, will continue until Wednesday November 14.

Due to The Cellar’s intimate capacity, tickets could well sell out for events there so please keep tabs on shows they host by following them on Facebook and Twitter. We also reiterate that shows at The Cellar Theatre can only be accessed via their entrance at Backfields and not through the main DINA entrance on Cambridge Street.

Back to DINA and on Thursday night Cabasa Club & The University of Sheffield Palestine Society present Dance For Palestine

The profits from this event are going to the Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship fund.  The money raised goes towards funding scholarships to pay the university fees of Palestinian women into higher education in the Gaza Strip.

On Saturday, following brilliant success at the Dalston Superstore in London, Polaktastic goes north to bring a night of queer Polish migrant performance and art. This night will feature artists, academics and DJs from Poland and across the UK.

So that’s plenty to be going on with this week! Please keep up to date with all goings on here at DINA by liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Instagram,  and also for The Cellar Theatre on their FacebookTwitter and Instagram as well!