Tramlines Fringe Festival is here at DINA

First up we have 2.3. Check out their song: Also joining the line-up is Mr. Ben & the Bens. Click on the link to hear some of their music: All the way from Brooklyn are the Candy Boys…. Read More

Tramlines Fringe festival is coming to DINA and you should come too and enjoy two nights of electrifying music

Celebrate the best of the North, past and present, with a music-packed weekend. Featuring Sheffield’s pioneering new wave band: 2.3. Returning after a 40-year-dissaparance with a new debut album, 2.3 are ready to storm the scene with the… Read More

PAT: A man of his time

A review of new work by Analogue Theatre Company. The Cellar, DINA, June 2018 We are in a small and dark cellar- a middle aged man with a grey beard scrabbles at a desk between a pile of… Read More

A colossal painting previously hidden from the public eye has become a permanent fixture for all of Sheffield to enjoy

Inspired by the Mexican mural movement led by Diego Rivera, this painting depicts the global and political climate of the world during the late to mid-70s. The chronology of oppression and colonialism can be felt through the careful… Read More

Dina mentioned in Guardian article

Dina was mentioned in a guardian article about the sites to visit in Sheffield After a morning stroll, stop for lunch at Dina Diner, a vegetarian and vegan cafe attached to a music, comedy, poetry and theatre venue that… Read More